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proton hubcap

proton hubcap

Toyota Kijang wearing Proton hubcaps.

Is proton selling well in Indonesia? I doubt so. That market is spoilt with choices from Japanese, Korean and European brands.

Buying a Proton might just spoil their days.

It is all a matter of perception.

Proton has improved its quality by leaps and bounds since the first Saga model.

However, in my opinion, for many years, Proton was more interested in profit rather than quality.

By now, they should have learned that quality can be improved rather easily.

But to change the perception, that might take a very long time.

But if you asked me whether I would buy another Proton or not.

I would say: “Why not?”

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Pasha engrossed in the computer game


Location: At Akung’s Home, Dumai, Riau, Indonesia

Pasha is totally engrossed in his computer game.

He could sit there four hours and hours.

During my era, we climbed trees (I could only manage the mangosteen tree), we climbed hills, we chased chickens, we chased birds, we played with sticks, we played with slippers, we played with rubber bands, we raced frogs, we raced in cardboard boxes and many more physical stuffs. We had lots of fun!

Now, kids still do most of the things above. The only different is that they do most of those things virtually and digitally, on their hi-tech gadgets. And they have fun!

Are they the same? We can’t even compare, can we?

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Fishing in Dumai

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Pasha fishing in Dumai

Location: Dumai, Riau, Indonesia

Pasha’s first fishing experience. The weather was nice. No rain. Not too hot. There were fish in the pond. Perfect!

The baited hook went into the pool. Waited and patiently waited.

Fish did not go for the bait. Were the fish not hungry?

In the end, no fish was caught. But, that is not important.

It’s the experience that matters.

Yet another sign of Pasha growing up.

Happy New Year 2012!

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