Nasi Padang at Seri Garuda Emas

Posted on the June 27th, 2010 under Food & Health,Out and About by Papa Bear

We were in KL last Friday, June 25, 2010. I had a meeting at Menara Perak while Mama Pasha had to do her driving license verification at the Embassy of Indonesia so that she would be able to convert her Indonesia driving license to Malaysian driving license so that she could legally drive… shhhh…

Our tasks completed by lunch time and we decided to try out the Nasi Padang at Restoran Seri Garuda Emas in Kampung Baru. With the aid of GPS, we managed to find the place located at Jalan Raja Alang, Kampung Baru… right across the street from the 7-11.

Pasha drinking Papa’s Teh Botol and RockMama reading the TKI newsletter.

We were hungry so we went and chose whatever we wanted to eat and we ate. As simple as that. I took the Ayam Pop. Prawns with Petai, a hard boiled Egg in yellow gravy and Mama as usual, took the Ayam Panggang and Tempe along with some Soup for Pasha. Teh Botol was available there too. In bottles and not boxes!

Since this is a hungry people blog and not a food blog, the above is as much food details as you can have…

I like the Ayam Pop here. It was better than Sari Ratu’s and as good as Pak Datuk’s in Melaka. Mama Pasha did not quite like her Ayam Panggang. I think it is a sign that she needs to go back to Jakarta or Dumai…

Pasha attacking the Es Teler and the bunting saying that they are now open 24 hours.

The Es Teler was not quite the same that we used to have. The main ingredient, Jack Fruit, was noticeably missing from this one. It was more something in between ABC and Es Teler

Mama and Pasha and the Es Teler and Thata and Wewit/WitWit (not sure about the name arr…) that came later…

If you want to add another Nasi Padang place to your list, head over to Jalan Raja Alang in Kampung Baru or if you are using a GPS, look for Garuda. If you can’t f ind Garuda on your GPS, yor map is not up to date… Ciao!

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