Tune Talk Walks the Talk

Posted on the February 24th, 2011 under Gadget,Nuffnang by Papa Bear

Tune TalkAbout almost a month a go I posted a challenge to Tune Talk. They took it up and I was given a Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid Sim card with a RM 100 credit to play around with. The first thing that came to my mind was that I am going to finish that RM 100 credit in no time…

I made my plans. Local calls, IDD calls and Data services for Internet and mobile applications such as Facebook and Twitter. Basically all the things that I usually do with my other mobile prepaid provider.

How did it go? Firstly, for the title of this post, Tune Talk walks the talk, I am happy to say that they sure do! Secondly, if you go to their website and hover on the Tune Talk.com logo, you would be reading, “Tune Talk – The Cheapest Mobile Prepaid Service in Malaysia | Now we’re talking!” You’d better believe it since it is the truth!

I am not going to make you read lengthy praises or some over the moon stories about them. So, here is a summary of what you will get if you switch to Tune Talk. No kidding! I did!

Calls and SMS

1. Flat rate – 16  sen / minute for call and 5 sen / sms.
2. Voice calls are charge 60 second block.
3. This rate is applicable to any number.

So, you do not have to be bothered or confused about family plan, friends plan, pet plans or whatever plans like what other telcos are offering. So far this is definitely the cheapest in town. Mama Pasha is now using Tune Talk to call her family in Jakarta, Indonesia since it is the lowest rate compared to the others. No joke!

Data Usage

1. A minimum of 5 sen / MB / session.
2. Compare that to 10 sen / 10 kb that others are offering. Do your math!
3. No plan to subscribe. Just use!

Tune Talk Prepaid MobileThis is really one of the sweetest things about Tune Talk. At 5 sen / 1024 kb (1 MB), please tell me any other cheaper rate that you can get. Remember that this is truly pay as you use and not some confusing data plans that others are selling to you.

No more annoying waiting time to get your plan activated and no more losing valuable credits for the time when the server screwed up your data plan activation. Happened to me a few times with other operators and I was charged the standard 10 sen / 10 kb rate. Imagine the horror of suddenly discovering that you have used up all the credits that you have just topped up…

Unique to Tune Talk

1. Chance to win AirAsia E-Gift vouchers.
2. Tune Talk points for AirAsia flight for every top-up.
3. RM 100,000 PA Insurance coverage*
4. Change your mobile number anytime.
5. SelfCare account where you can check your transactions online.
* Terms and condition apply

There you go. Is there any other operators that give you all or any of that for being a loyal customer? The most I have got so far were some birthday wishes and vouchers that I found impossible to make use of… With Tune Talk, you will be really rewarded for your loyalty. I personally like the Tune Talk points and the SelfCare account! Points for AirAsia flights that will never expire and details of my phone usage! Nobody can beat that! None so far…

Things Tune Talk Needs to Improve

1. Data coverage. Still weak in some areas.
2. High Speed data. Some mobile apps on smartphone might not work.
3. MMS. A picture speaks a thousand words.
4. BlackBerry services.

3G is not available yet and the EDGE network can be very slow in certain areas. This may or may not be available in the future and it all depends on what Tune Talk wants to be.

In conclusion, after almost a month of doing things that I usually do with my prepaid mobile, I have not even used RM 50 yet! Go figure that! If you need a no frills prepaid mobile service, Tune Talk is definitely the best choice. If you want something fancy schmancy, then go and pay more for other services.

The choice is yours but this is prepaid! For more details visit www.tunetalk.com.

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