Pasha’s 4th Birthday with Angry Birds

Posted on the April 17th, 2011 under Parenting & Kids,Pasha by

Pasha celebrated his 4th Birthday today and Mama Pasha baked a special Angry Birds cake for him.

Pasha and his angry birds cake Pasha kissing Mama

Pasha blowing out the candle on his cake and kissing Mama for baking such a superb Angry Birds cake for him.

Pasha kissing Papa Pasha unwrapping his present

It’s Papa’s turn to get a kiss but Pasha could not resist looking at the camera instead. Pasha concentrating on unwrapping one of his presents..

Pasha and his Chuggington books Angry Birds cake

Pasha and the Chuggington books that just got for his birthday. The Angry Birds cake with all the different Angry Birds and the catapult as well.

Angry Birds cake Angry Birds cake

Look at the awesome Angry Birds cake!

Angry Birds cake Angry Birds cake and presents

More view of the cake and the Birthday card and presents. All for Pasha!

Happy 4th Birthday to our son Pasha!

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