Sun and Sand of Bagan Lalang

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We were supposed to leave the house after Subuh. Papa Bear had his own definition of the said time. It was a Sunday. What do you expect? Nevertheless, we made it quite early, even though not as early as some people had planned but early enough to get a nice spot for our picnic stuffs and places for parking our cars. It was a picnic with families of friends at the beautiful beach of Bagan Lalang, which is located in  Sepang, Selangor. Just Google it and you will get a whole lots of information on it.

kelly and pasha playing in the sand tanisha and pasha playing in the sand alif and kelly searching for crabs pasha and soon lee with the a green truck dienta and kelly at the beach pasha and nadim playing beach soccer

The kids. Well some of them. There’re a few more that did not get into my lense. They are Pasha (you know him), KayLee(wearing pink pants), Tanisha (from the Wet and Wild post), Alif (wearing black T but not sure about the spelling of his name), ShunLi (wearing sleevless red T), Dienta (wearing pink T) and Naddim (wearing yellow T)

The sun was shining brightly, most of the time, but it was not too hot and the muddy sand became the best playground ever for the kids and a few moms and dads as well..

parents and food lunch at the beach mats and tents

The adults. Well some of them again. We had mats and tents. We had lots of food as well and while the kids were having a blast at the beach, the Moms and Dads surrounded the food and some of them hardly left their spots. That’s why you can’t see the food clearly…

mama and pasha having lunch bear, diah and pasha at bagan lalang papa and pasha having fun

The Bears. We had a great time at a great place with great people eating great food! That should summarize it all!

bagan lalang beach an angry hermit crab fir cones of bagan lalang

The beach. The tide was low. The fauna. An angry hermit crab. Just look at his face. The flora. The beautiful fir cones.

The end… [Click the photos to enlarge…]

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