Luna Maya is Hot in Malaysia

Posted on the June 9th, 2010 under Google by

Checking Google on what Malaysians searched the most for the past 7 days brought up Luna Maya to the top. A name that was unfamiliar to me although I have been to Indonesia quite regularly. Obviously I was not into these celebrity stuffs… I am sure by now many Malaysians already know that Luna Maya is an Indonesian artist that suddenly shot to fame due to her alleged hot s-e-x video with Ariel Peterpan. I know some songs from the group Peterpan but I have never paid attention to Ariel…

No wonder I have seen lots of local bloggers posted about Luna Maya and some of them even embedded the mentioned videos. I have not seen any of the videos myself since the first thing that came to mind was that I do not think that the videos are genuine. Somebody someways or somehow must have put some videos together just to do something bad to these people or to make some profits out of such hot stuffs… Do you happen to know anyone laughing to the bank already?

Maybe some of my Indonesian readers can tell us whether they are really in those videos or not.

Anyway, Malaysians have been busy searching for Video Luna Maya on Google and she managed to to put the Gaza and Israel stories behind her. Surprisingly, FIFA world cup in South Africa did not even made the list for the past 7 days. Now we know what Malaysians are more interested in ha!

Naughty Malaysians!

Anyway, to follow the trend, you can download the said videos at the end of this entry!

Fat chance! You are not getting any of that stuff here.

Go and search somewhere else… Shooooh!

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