Pasha’s 4th Birthday with Angry Birds

Posted on the April 17th, 2011 under Parenting & Kids,Pasha by

Pasha celebrated his 4th Birthday today and Mama Pasha baked a special Angry Birds cake for him.

Pasha and his angry birds cake Pasha kissing Mama

Pasha blowing out the candle on his cake and kissing Mama for baking such a superb Angry Birds cake for him.

Pasha kissing Papa Pasha unwrapping his present

It’s Papa’s turn to get a kiss but Pasha could not resist looking at the camera instead. Pasha concentrating on unwrapping one of his presents..

Pasha and his Chuggington books Angry Birds cake

Pasha and the Chuggington books that just got for his birthday. The Angry Birds cake with all the different Angry Birds and the catapult as well.

Angry Birds cake Angry Birds cake

Look at the awesome Angry Birds cake!

Angry Birds cake Angry Birds cake and presents

More view of the cake and the Birthday card and presents. All for Pasha!

Happy 4th Birthday to our son Pasha!

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Pasha’s New Hairstyle

Posted on the February 10th, 2011 under Pasha by

When I got back from work yesterday, I was greeted by Pasha with the usual lots of smiles but minus lots of hair… And, he proudly asked me to look at his new hairstyle and told me that he likes it a lot.

He hates having his hair cut and would never want to go to any barber. If he really had to choose, then he would choose some fancy hair saloon with some pretty ladies doing the hair instead of the regular Indian barber shop usually manned by some guys… So, to make life easier,  Mama Pasha used her cake shaping skill and worked on his hair with an electric shaver. That’s the result up there. Neat and tidy. Don’t you think so?

Well, Pasha loves it since he knows that celebrities around the world love similar hairstyle as well. Here are some examples..

Sharifah Amani had similar hairstyle when she acted for the movie Muallaf. The King of Rock, Amy Search is known to enjoy the same hairstyle as well.

Faizal Ismail (FBI) from Hot FM and David Beckham, the famous English soccer player,  love the same style too…

And lastly, Dr. Evil and Mini Me from the movie Austin Powers and our very own Upin and Ipin are better known without lots of hair…

No wonder Pasha is happy about it.

Teachers and fellow students at school wanted to touch his hair today but he said: “Stop! Do not touch!

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Jan 2011 Cakes

Posted on the February 2nd, 2011 under Art & Design,Food & Health by


9inch (3kg) Lightning Mac Queen Chocolate Moist & Chocolate Mud Cake..

Base Cake iced BC(ButterCream) deco with fondant cutout, d car fully covered and deco with fondant…


10inch + 6inch, (6kg )Mud Chocolate Cake, Covered Choc Ganache and Fondant..


recipes try out, home made rolled pavlova with cream cheese filling for my family..

very gooey and sweet!

need to add some more fresh sourly fruits i guess, to conquer the sweetness..

hello kitty BC

8inch (1.5kg) RCC(rich chocolate cake)..

lovely and fluffy result for this dotty BC technique.. and very colorful too..

i looooiiikkkeee! :)

zakiyah 5th anniv

7 inch (1.5kg) Choc Moist Cake

the only fondant covered cake for end of this jan order.. ehehe..

small, simple and beautiful to me.. ;P

wafa's cookies

200 pcs heart shaped chocolate kukis for wafa..


3kg chocolate moist key shaped cake

i feel unhappy abt d result.. really need to learn more how to cut and shape d cake..

rvc ball field

my first RVC (Red Velvet Cake) (5kg)

covered and filling with  cream cheese +whipping cream..

decorated with styro ball cover fondant, fondant cutout,  plastic toppers and happy birthday candle..

d cream.. oooh so nice! still have d left over of d cream in my fridge and cant stop my self to put my finger on it then lick it every now and then.. 😛 nyeh nyeh.. i know.. jorok!! shame on me.. hihihi..

Sponge bob bdck.

8inch (1.8kg) Classic Choc cake with BC & Stawberry jam Filling..

Iced with Soft BC .. Decorated with Edible Image, some fishes rock candy and sugar sprinkles..

Moist Brownies2 my last cake of the month..

for my family..

simple moist brownies..

temen minum teh malem2.. ehehhe..

gak pengen banyak2 pake separo resep aja…

kurangin gula banyakin kacang.. uendang.. 😛

jadi deh buat bekel pasha ke sekolah.. 😉

Check out for more sweet stuffs at d Cuppies!

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