What is NOT up with MAXIS and UniFi?

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This is related to my previous entry about MAXIS here and UniFi here. Let’s start off with MAXIS first. Since I purchased the modem in December 2009 until today, the connection is very unstable and the speed is terrible. No wonder many people call it Beruk-band instead of Broadband…

So, last week I made another round of complaint to MAXIS as a followup to my previous complaint in December 2009. They told me that they are upgrading the services at my area and it should be completed latest by April 2010. Now, it’s already May 2010 and I have not seen any improvement to the broadband services in my area, Seksyen 9, Shah Alam.

The asked me for some readings and I have sent them the speed test results that I made using Speedtest.net. While this modem has been tested to reach up to 7.2 Mbps in downtown KL, the speed recorded at my area was a lousy 0.12 Mbps for downloading and 0.10 Mbps for uploading.

Isn’t that pathetic or what… Beruk betul… At the same time I tested my old-school Jaring Wireless Broadband connected via the aging Somaport and look at the results below:

It managed to hit 2.09 Mbps and 0.43 Mbps for downloading and uploading respectively. Even the ping speed was much faster. Anyway, I would email MAXIS again since I have not received any response after I sent them my readings. Anyway, I did not really need the MAXIS broadband at home since the Jaring box is connected via a 4-port router. The only time I would need it is when all 4 ports are being used…

Now let’s talk about UniFi. I sent them an email regarding their progress for my area and I got a not so encouraging reply from their customer services. That prompted me to response with this:

Dear UniFi,

It is already over a month and it is rather sad to know that a location smack in the middle of Shah Alam and very close to KL could not enjoy such services despite the big hoo-haa that the government is promoting more usage and exposure of high speed internet services… Is there any plan or it is just simply an area that would not be contributing to the profit of Unifi? Some explanation would be appreciated so that I could share with thousands more people who are waiting for the outcome of my hunting for a faster broadband services in Malaysia.

Then their reply tone changed a bit and asked for my full address to be forwarded to their management… So, it looks like high speed broadband is still to far away from me and I have to stick to my Jaring for many more years… Will be disturbing them again next month!

MAXIS, buck up! UniFi, Speed Up!

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