Ayam Penyet and Mee Sup at Ani Sup Utara

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Last Saturday we decided to have lunch at another restaurant in Seksyen 9, Shah Alam, just at the corner behind the Nasi King. The place is called Ani Sup Utara or can be translated as Ani’s Northern Soup… Canggih jugak bunyi nya…

Pasha eating strawberry yogurt while waiting for the food and Mama’s Bandung Cincau.

Those were the food that we ordered. Mama took her chance with the Ayam Penyet (top 2 pictures) after huge dissatisfaction with the Ayam Penyet at Ayam Penyet AP. Again, it was not up to her expectation even though, to me, the chicken here was much better than the one at Ayam Penyet AP.

I tried the Mee Sup Daging (bottom left). The Beef Noodle was quite nice but on a whole, there was nothing really special about this dish. It was just another noodles in soup…

Not fully satisfied, I went for the Nasi Lemak Bungkus. Finally, this Nasi Lemak Bungkus (last picture) was something worth trying. It was good. Not too sweet and not too hot. Just nice! No wonder Papa is getting bigger, sideways, eh….

More pictures of us eating and eating and eating and Pasha with another serving of strawberry yogurt…

That’s how the restaurant looks like and an out of focus logo of the place. Read the tag line: Ingat Sup… Ingat Ani Sup Utara… Ya la….

There you go, another foodie entry from us. Will there be a third food entry in a row? Just wait and see….

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