AFF Suzuki Cup 2010: Malaysia 2 Vietnam 0

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Yes! Malaysia beats Vietnam 2 – 0 for the first leg of the AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 Semifinals in Stadium Bukit Jalil just now. I was all prep up for the live telecast on the local TV for this as it was a big thing for Malaysian soccer to go this far in the game. The team have also been promised some lucrative rewards if they bring cup home. For a game this big, surely you would get a live telecast…

At 8:00 pm, I checked TV1, TV2, TV3, NTV7 and all the other channels on ASTRO except for the sports channels since they are not on my subscription list. Guess what? Nothing! Not to mention that I have only a few minutes to secure a channel before Pasha took his turn. The deal was that if no live soccer, Pasha will tune to channel 613, the Playhouse Disney Channel or any other channel in that range… So, I had to hand over the remote controller to Pasha… “Timmy Baaa… Timmy….”

Fortunately for me, I had searched the net for live telecast on the game and found out at the Sepak Bola Terbaru blog that there will be a live telecast on for the match on RCTI. For those who are not familiar with RCTI, it is one of the TV stations in Indonesia.

So, I quickly fired up Mivo.TV on my notebook and watched the game there. Imagine that! A game played by Malaysian team in Malaysia but no live coverage in Malaysia and I had to watch it live on an Indonesian TV… What the ?????

Mivo.TV is an online sites that provide live broadcast of many TV channels in Indonesia. That’s how we get to watch the good shows from there without having to go there or pay a single sen apart from your broadband subscription. For a comfortable viewing, you need at least a 2Mbps internet connection. Since the MAXIS Wired Broadband that we are using is a 2Mbps connection, I managed to watch the entire game on my notebook.

By the way, at about 8:45 pm, a Facebook friend told me that TV1 has started the live telecast. Too late for me as WALL-E was already on the TV with Pasha and Mama Pasha hysterically laughing watching it.

I continued on Mivo and yes! Malaysia scored twice during the second half. It is quite a good scoreline for the team to bring over to Hanoi.

Why is there no soccer game on the Mivo.TV pic here? The game was live and therefore, I did not stop to capture the soccer field, the packed stadiums or  the great goals but I captured that show after the game was over so that you can see what Mivo.TV is all about… LOL!

Back to the game shall we. Let’s all wait for the return leg Hanoi, Vietnam on December 18, 2010. All the best Malaysia!

Hey TV1, the game started at 8:00 pm okay!

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